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Fine Lines Editing provides independent writing and editing services for individuals and businesses.

With the increased presence of the Internet in the personal and business realms, clear and concise written communication is imperative. At Fine Lines, we strive to help our clients communicate effectively in web, print, news and social media platforms.

We provide our clients with comprehensive writing and editing services. Because we offer both types of services, we are also able to provide our clients with highly competitive pricing.


“[Jenny Paurys’] attention to detail was astonishing and her group was one of the most accurate in the newsroom during her tenure. As a journalist and editor, her instincts were sound and she showed a real entrepreneurship in pushing the quality of the content forward – the quality and enterprise of the group’s work took a major leap under her leadership.”

—Paul Henderson, Director, News SNL Financial

Employment and Project History  

Recent Projects

  • Our Local Commons—Charlottesville, Volume I and Volume II
  • Our Local Commons blog
  • UVA Health System, UVA Connect
  • UVA Health System, Physician Resource
  • Materials produced by UVA Health System Strategic Marketing and Communications

Owner, Fine Lines Editing 2009 – Present

Provide professional writing and editing of web and print materials for clients including individuals, small businesses and large companies. Work closely with clients to realize their goals with text that is clean, precise and timely.

SNL Financial – Charlottesville, Virginia 2005 – 2008

News Desk Editor, Real Estate: Oversaw real-time publication averaging 50 stories per day focused on commercial real estate investment, as well as compilation of daily newsletter. Edited thousands of words daily. Managed all aspects of workflow, including idea generation for proprietary content, workflow management, editing and fact checking. Managed team of 12 employees in offices all over the world, including New York, London, India and Pakistan.

Reporter, Real Estate: Specialized in commercial real estate investment content. Attended conferences and conducted interviews to generate proprietary content. Promoted to manager of group within eight months of employment.

New England Culinary Institute – Montpelier, Vermont 2002 – 2004

Instructor, Bachelor’s of Arts Program – Nonfiction Writing: Taught creative nonfiction writing process, from basic grammar-usage-mechanics coaching to complex conceptual development.

Office Services Assistant: Edited educational and marketing literature, including student handbooks, catalogs and website. Wrote press releases.

The Daily Iowan – Iowa City 2001 – 2002

Book Reviewer: Contacted publishers, researched authors and reviewed books, applying analytical and stylistic skills.

Arts Writer: Attended arts functions, conducted interviews and wrote and edited stories, consistently meeting deadlines.

Metro Reporter: Conducted interviews, researched and crafted articles and generated article ideas at weekly meetings.


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