Chief Workflow Strategist

Efficiency expert draws on comprehensive publication history to develop groundbreaking workflow processes; synchronize operations; manage multi-­layered projects; counsel executive managers and support staff in best practices; pioneer change and manage growth; and engage workforces, for overall organizational success.

Employment and Project History, 2004-­Present: Chief Workflow Strategist

Projects Include:

  • Core Knowledge Foundation, 2006-­2015: Publication Workflow Strategist, Project Manager
  •, 2012: Communications and Production Director
  • PartyLine, 2011: Project Manager, Human Resources Advisor
  • Star Refining, London, 2009-­2011: Project Manager, Interaction Design Advisor
  • SNL Financial News, 2005-­2006: Associate Director of News Operations, Senior Project Manager
  • Sol Flaps, 2010-­2011: Marketing and Design Advisor
  • International Institute for Management Development, 2012: Business Case Study Author
  • Plow & Hearth catalog, 1998‐2004: Project Manager, Associate Production Manager, Creative Production Coordinator, Creative Traffic Coordinator, Production Artist
  • The Corridor magazine, 1997-­1999: Publisher and Editor
  • Central Virginia Newspapers, Inc., 1989-­1997: Managing Editor, News Editor, General Assignment Reporter


“In very short order, Chris Brasted successfully acquired an in-depth understanding of our project and single-handedly developed a functional workflow process to manage each step of development, from editorial to design, to press, and then to warehouse and distribution. He worked diligently with both onsite staff and offsite consultants to explain and implement this process, literally bringing order to chaos.

“In addition to Chris’ outstanding strengths in organization and workflow management, he has also demonstrated great skill in managing and motivating personnel, as well as in developing budgets and managing project-related expenses. His work ethic is unmatched in my experience as he quietly and unobtrusively does what needs to be done, regardless of the time and effort required on his part. He is a person of great integrity to whom I and the Core Knowledge Foundation are deeply indebted.

“There is no question in my mind that the initiative that Chris has managed would not be the success it is today without his involvement.”

Linda Bevilacqua, President, Core Knowledge Foundation

“Ask anyone in publishing and they will tell you: a reading program is the most complicated publishing project known to man. It is not a matter of making a book. It is a matter of making dozens and dozens of books that are closely inter-related and need to be used in tandem.

“In the three years Chris has been working on our project, we have made close to 300 books and we have delivered absolutely everything on time and as a high-quality product, which is an astonishing achievement. This is largely due to Chris’ excellent project management skills.

“Chris set up the editorial-to-design-to-press workflow process we have followed since he joined our team in late 2006. He has managed the workflow on this complicated project very ably for almost three years, navigating the ship through many rapids in that time.

“Chris is professional, dedicated, patient, diplomatic, intelligent. He has good problem-solving skills. He is cool under pressure. He has a strong sense of workplace etiquette and a manager’s ability to sense when an employee’s frustration or tension is peaking. He is good at negotiating solutions that are acceptable to all stakeholders. He is a valued advisor to me.”

Dr. Matthew Davis, Director & Editor-In-Chief, Reading Project

“I was gratified at how quickly Chris Brasted seemed to grasp in a very fundamental way the dynamics that existed and the tensions our workflow issues were causing. After he began working here as a consultant, he earned a great deal of good will quickly among all of us by not just taking the time to meet with us individually and in groups, but also actually sitting with us to watch what we do and how we work, in order to be the best advocate for constructive change. Chris started here focused on what’s best for the Newsroom and has kept that in the forefront of his mind right up to his departure date.”

Paul Henderson, News Director, SNL Financial News

“Chris came to SNL to develop a new workflow system for SNL’s news department, of which I was Editor-in-Chief. Eventually, he became Operations Manager, adding supervision of all copy-editing, newsletter production and overseas coordination with our India-based newsroom, to his portfolio.

“In performing these functions, Chris displayed strong analytical, leadership and problem-solving skills. For example, he quickly grasped the unique and dynamic workflow needs of SNL’s news department, which had to accommodate both real-time online publishing and newsletter publications, not to mention the coordination of reporters in Charlottesville, New York, Washington, DC and India, each possessing different business needs and operating within different professional cultural environments. Chris’ solutions to these difficult challenges were both creative and practical, aimed both at the department’s needs to both operate efficiently in the short-term, but to have the capacity for long-term growth as well.”

Alan Zimmerman, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, SNL Financial News

“I have had several occasions to work directly with Chris Brasted, primarily through a large internal process improvement and 3rd party software development project. This project was complex from a variety of perspectives ranging from technical to political to vendor-performance, but Chris dug in deep and kept it moving despite many obstacles. Attention to both the minutiae and the big picture were important, and he had full command of both.”

Pete Rice, Senior Vice President, Plow & Hearth Catalog

“I worked with Chris Brasted on a major project to automate the creative production process for our company. This key internal project involved automating the manner in which we pass key product images, text and merchant instructions to our Creative Department for use in developing our catalog.

“Chris brought to the project the ability to work very well with all process stakeholders. He demonstrated great patience in his approach and willingness to be open and straightforward in sharing all key information in order to keep the project moving forward. He brought excellent vision of what is possible in the “could be” scenario and the enthusiasm to get stakeholders fully engaged to generate change. He brought his enthusiasm to every component of the project, from initial requirement development, cost justification and then execution.”

Tom Freshwater, VP of Planning and Process Improvement, Plow & Hearth Catalog

“Chris’ assertive yet accommodating attitude helped maneuver his department through a transition of once being a privately-owned company into its present larger corporate environment. His growing knowledge base of what’s out there and resources available will be a valuable advantage to any organization.”

Timothy Gable, Director of Print Production, Plow & Hearth Catalog

“Chris Brasted championed the development of a new Oracle-based software product to help the Creative Department manage workflow, facilitating better communication between departments through the sharing of information rather than the duplication of it. During this process, Chris’ focus, drive and diplomacy have been exemplary. Despite adverse and extenuating circumstances, Chris’ patience and professionalism have earned him a great deal of respect. His determination to not just get the job done, but, rather, get the right product and get the job done, has been admirable. He has a gift for stripping away the extraneous and getting to the heart of the matter.”

Patricia R. Cornwall, Art Director, American Country Home Catalog


Additional Expertise


Numerous state press association awards for writing, graphic design, and special sections. Best in Print awards for client project with Core Knowledge Foundation in 2008 and 2009.


  • James Madison University MBA class, Business Management and Organizational Behavior: “The Culture Challenge: The Role of Process Improvement and Training in a Growing Organization.”
  • New England Mail Order Association (NEMOA): “People, Process, Technology and Pain.”


  • “Zenith Sampson: Coming Off The Mountain,” 2010 addition, Shenandoah National Park Oral History Collection,
    James Madison University Special Collections Library
  • “Orchestrating Change,” 2004, Catalog Age Magazine, Operations and Management

Community Outreach

Literacy tutor, Literacy Volunteers of America • Haiti medical mission, Port-­‐au-­‐Prince, nine missions • Board of Directors, Greene County Chamber of Commerce • Short story finalist, Cville Fiction Contest • Planning committee, Dogwood Blues Festival fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity • Missions Committee, Blue Ridge Community Church • Men’s Accountability Group Leader, Northridge Community Church • Board of Directors, Operation BRAVO


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